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vol. 36, no. 4, fall 2008


What Time Is It?

By Bonnie Dwyer

Theological Transitions

By David Larson

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The Great Emergence: A Semi-Millennial Rummage Sale Right on Time

By Brenton Reading


Mr. Bussey Goes to Washington

By Alita Byrd


The George Brown Story and Adventist Race Relations

By Benjamin Baker

The Bible

Who Is Our Neighbor Really?

By Vaughn Nelson

Political Lessons of 2008

Point/Counterpoint: California’s Great Debate

Constitutional Issues and Proposition 8

By Michael Peabody

Un-Golden Moments in the Golden State

By Nicholas Miller

Adventist Collegians and the United States Presidential Election of 2008

By Roger L. Dudley


Modern Neuroscience and the Notion of Freedom

By Sigve Tonstad

Physics All the Way Down

By Daniel Giang

Journeys South of the Rio Grande

An Interview with a Chilean Artist

By Ruben Sanchez

In the Footsteps of the Stahls: Thoughts on Adventism

By Mike Tyler

“Evangelists” and “Liberationists”: Logging Passages South of the Rio Grande

By Charles Teel

The End of Time?

Adventist Jitters

By Rebecca Munsey

Paradigm Shifts in Adventism: Needed or Wanted?

By Borge Schantz

Jesus, the Work, and the Kingdom: Reflections on Church Life and Mission

By Lowell Cooper


A Unified Theory of Matter and Force

By Pat Cason

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