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Chamberlains Cleared by Royal Commission

Norman Young

The Harris Pine Bankruptcy: Too Much, Too Soon?

Terrie Dopp Aamodt, Curt Dewees, Jay Jennings, and Dan Kaempff

Special Section: Early Adventures in Maine

“We Lifted Up Our Voices Like a Trumpet”: Millerites in Portland, Maine

Frederick Hoyt

Black Forerunner to Ellen White: William E. Foy

Tim Poirer

Trial of Elder I. Dammon: Reported for the Piscataquis Farmer

edited by Frederick Hoyt

Scandal or Rite of Passage? Historians on the Dammon Trial

Jon Butler, Roy Graybill, Frederick Hoyt, and Rennie Schoepflin

News Updates

Pioneer Memorial Church Votes on Women Elders

Stella Ramirez Greig

Vegetarianism at the Scientific Frontier

Berryl Longway


The Chamberlain Case: A Tragedy for Justice

Kent Hansen

The Book That Helped Free Lindy Chamberlain

Bonnie Dwyer

Adventists as Transformers of Culture

Gary Chartier


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