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Volume 51, Issue 2

Volume 51 Issue 2 June 3, 2023

2 Independent. Spirit. Adventist. Journalism. Thoughtful. Community. | BY ALEXANDER CARPENTER
3 Less Rugged, Less Individualism | BY CARMEN LAU

Adventist Studies
5 Hiram Edson: The Man and the Myth | BY BRIAN E. STRAYER
12 William Foy and the Apocrypha: Demonstrating Ellen White’s Early Belief in the Authority of 2 Esdras | BY MATTHEW J. KORPMAN

Suite of Poems for Small Things
19 The Amoeba, The Spider, The Butterfly, The Fogstand Beetle, The Mustard Seed Movement | BY SMUTS VAN ROOYAN

Institutional Design: Physical + Spiritual + Beyond
25 The Table, the Garden, and the Storm: The J. N. Andrews Honors Program and the Future of Higher Education | BY MELODIE ROSCHMAN
52 A Pioneering Architect Reflects on Andrews University and Church Design | BY NEVILLE CLOUTEN
63 A Peculiar People | BY MATTHEW VOLLMER

Book Reviews
70 True Light: Theological Software Leads to Organizational Hardware in the Formation of the Adventist Church, a review of D. J. B. Trim’s Hearts of Faith: How We Became Seventh-day Adventists | BY DONALD E. CASEBOLT
74 Live a Life Worthy of the Gospel, a review of John Brunt’s Finding Joy: Paul’s Encouraging Message to the Philippians | BY HEROLD WEISS

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