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Volume 49, Issue 4

Volume 49 Issue 4 November 24, 2021

2 Changing Together | BY BONNIE DWYER
4 A Galápagos Pilgrimage | BY CARMEN LAU

Letters to the Editor
5 Disappointment in Not Printing Full Response | BY STEVE DAILY

6 Part VII: Time to Start Over—The Quest for Community: Church Life Re-Imagined | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN

Bible Readings
11 Seeing Simon of Cyrene | BY KENDRA HALOVIAK VALENTINE
21 The Echo of a Story | BY BRUCE RAFUSE
23 "How Do We Tell This to Our People?": From 1919 to the Present | BY JAMES J. LONDIS

Adventists and the Environment
37 Adventist Writing on Environmentalism and Conservation | BY DAVID F. GARNER

The Galápagos Islands: A Community Journey
53 Wondering | BY GERALD WINSLOW
57 Origins Museum of Nature | BY LAWRENCE T. GERATY
62 Mystery in the Galápagos | BY JAMES L. HAYWARD
70 Creation Stories “Then” and Creation Stories “Now” | BY BRIAN BULL
76 Recounting the Conversations | BY ALITA BYRD
84 How My Mind Has Changed (And Stayed the Same) With Regard to the Theory of Evolution | BY LAWRENCE T. GERATY

Book Review
90 Missing Luggage | BY BONNIE DWYER

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