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Volume 49, Issue 2

Volume 49 Issue 2 June 1, 2021

2 Great Conversations | BY BONNIE DWYER
3 Reflections, Plans, Gratitude | BY CARMEN LAU

5 Erton Kohler and Paul Douglas Chosen as GC Officers | BY BONNIE DWYER
7 Worship in Exile: The Perils and Promise of Virtual Church | BY TOMPAUL WHEELER
14 Adventist Society for the Arts Seeks a Creative Cure with Art in the Age of COVID: An Interview with ASA Editor Rich DuBose | BY BONNIE DWYER

Bible Reading
17 What Do Recent Books on The Revelation Reveal? | BY REINDER BRUINSMA

The Flood and the Cross
25 The God of the Geologic Column, the Cross, and Worship | BY JOHN T. BALDWIN, LEONARD R. BRAND, FELIX H. CORTEZ, ELAINE G. KENNEDY, AND RANDALL W. YOUNKER
34 Reading Genesis in Light of the Cross | BY RONALD E. OSBORN
41 The Flood Geologists | BY JAMES L. HAYWARD
54 Book Review: The Biblical Flood: Context and History of Adventist Understanding | BY LAWRENCE T. GERATY
57 Book Review: Creation and the Flood: A Journey of Scripture, Science and Faith by John K. Griffin | BY BRYAN NESS

Secrets and Challenges in the World of Ellen G. White
63 The Hardest Question | BY TERRIE DOPP AAMODT
73 The Last Secrets of the White Estate | BY RON GRAYBILL
77 Ellen G. White: All or Nothing? | BY JONATHAN BUTLER

Back “Between” | BY BRYAN NESS

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