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Volume 49, Issue 1

Volume 49 Issue 1 March 18, 2021

2 Creative Bible Reading | BY BONNIE DWYER
3 Truth-Telling in a Truth Crisis | BY CARMEN LAU
4 Letters to the Editor

7 Adventist Church Leaders Move General Conference Session to St. Louis, Missouri | BY ADVENTIST NEWS NETWORK
9 A Positive Year for NAD Tithe | BY BONNIE DWYER

Reading the Bible
13 The Bible Says | BY HEROLD WEISS
19 Interpreting the Messiah | BY JEAN SHELDON
23 A Restless Remnant | BY ADMIRAL NCUBE
27 Women in the Bible Who Look Like Me: An Interview with Artist Erica Keith | BY ALITA BYRD

33 The Art of Remembering: It Matters How We Tell the Sabbath Story | BY MATHILDE FREY
40 Being, Holiness, and Freedom: On the Sacramental Character of the Sabbath | BY DARYLL WARD
46 Why Did Jesus Heal on the Sabbath?: What Jesus’s Most Controversial Miracles Mean for Us Today | BY ANDY BLOSSER
52 Disabling Sabbath: Practical Theological Possibilities in Calibrating Sabbath Time to “Crip Time” | BY VAUGHN NELSON
61 Time to Start Over: Reconceiving Sabbath – A New Case for the Seventh Day | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN
65 Spiritual Audacity: Abraham Heschel’s Prophetic Role | BY BARRY CASEY

69 Australian Church Explores New Governance Models for the 2020s | BY GILBERT M. VALENTINE

Back Impressionistic Eschatology Meets Jesus | BY CRISTINA WILLIAMS

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