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Volume 48, Issue 1

Volume 48 Issue 1 March 9, 2020

2 How Long Ago and Far Away Becomes Here and Now | BY BONNIE DWYER

4 A New President for AIIAS: Refl ections on Roles for Women in Asia | BY GILBERT VALENTINE AND KENDRA HALOVIAK VALENTINE
16 “I Have Had to Adjust My View of Things”: Lessons from the 1919 Bible Conference | BY DENIS FORTIN
28 New Book Uncovers the Adventist Relationship with Fundamentalism | BY ALITA BYRD
32 Warnings from Rwandan Churches: Political Identity Encourages Imitation, Extinguishes Imagination, and Destroys Sanctuary—Oral Histories from Adventist Survivors | BY CARMEN LAU

44 Cleopatra: New Insights for the Interpretation of Revelation 17 | BY KENDRA HALOVIAK VALENTINE

60 A Church Captured: The Battle for Control of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Burundi | BY GODFREY K. SANG

98 Vision: A Profile of Adugnaw Worku | BY NANCY HOYT LECOURT
105 An MA-Rated Pioneer Biography | BY DOUGLAS MORGAN

Back A Sabbath Sonnet | BY KEVIN GRAY

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