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Volume 47, Issue 4

Volume 47 Issue 4 October 2, 2019

2 Volunteers, Missionaries, and Other Adventist Heroes and Celebrities | BY BONNIE DWYER
4 Mamas and Papas: Salvation on Sand Mountain | BY CARMEN LAU

6 Review: The Lost World of the Flood: Mythology, Theology, and the Deluge Debate | BY BRYAN NESS

11 Danny Shelton Steps Down as 3ABN President | BY ALVA JAMES-JOHNSON

12 3ABN and Brenda Walsh Split over Proposed Studio for Children’s Programming | BY ALVA JAMES-JOHNSON

Adventist Stories
30 Fear and the Hidden Agendas of the Ford Controversy (1979–1980) | BY GILBERT M. VALENTINE
50 Forty Years Later, Desmond Ford Reflects on his 1979 “Investigative Judgment” Presentation | BY KENDRA HALOVIAK VALENTINE
60 Tales from the (GC) Crypt | BY MITCHELL A. TYNER
67 Early Adventist Evangelism in Western Kenya: The Life of Ezekial Kimenjo | BY GODFREY K. SANG
73 Mrs. Temple: A Millennial Utopian | BY RON GRAYBILL

Back Cover Poetry: “Penultimate” | BY DON WILLIAMS

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