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Volume 45, Issue 2, Summer 2017

Special Issue: The Adventist Unity Conference
2 Editorial: Unions Unite for Unity | BY BONNIE DWYER

Morning Devotions
4 Deliverance | BY GARY PATTERSON
7 Happy Sabbath | BY GARY PATTERSON
10 Light in the Darkness | BY GARY PATTERSON

Church Structure and Authority
15 Reorganization of Church Structure, 1901–03: Some Observations | BY BARRY OLIVER
32 Catholic or Adventist: The Ongoing Struggle Over Authority + 9.5 Theses | BY GEORGE R. KNIGHT
54 “Circumstances Change the Relations of Things” | BY ROLF J. PÖHLER
66 General Conference Working Policy: The Challenge of Enforcement and the Opportunity for Development | BY LOWELL C. COOPER

80 Unity in the Writings of Ellen White | BY WENDY A. JACKSON
96 What is Jesus Saying in John 17? | BY ROY ADAMS
106 Towards a Theology of Unity | BY JOHN BRUNT

Liberty of Conscience
116 Liberty in Messiah: The Steep and Narrow Path to Unity | BY OLIVE J. HEMMINGS
126 Religious Freedom: Some Historical Perspectives and Present Applications | BY REINDER BRUINSMA
136 Justice and Equality: Is God Interested? | BY RAY C. W. ROENNFELDT

Bonus History Lesson
148 God’s Last Choice: Overcoming Ellen White’s Gender and Women in Ministry During the Fundamentalist Era | BY KEVIN M. BURTON

High Horses and Higher Ground | BY DON WILLIAMS

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Wed, 08/16/2017 - 22:40
Wed, 08/16/2017 (All day)
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