Volume 43, Issue 1, Winter 2015

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Table of Contents: 

2 Spilling Coke on the Server | BY BONNIE DWYER
3 Why the Charlie Hebdo Massacre Won't Stop Free Expression | BY JONATHAN SCRIVEN
Biblical Hospitality
10 Jesus at the Party | BY GARY CHARTIER
14 The Meal and the Mission | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN
18 Talking About Food: A Spectrum Conversation with Nutritionist Beverly Utt | BY BONNIE DWYER
22 The Push for the Forefront in Nutrition | BY PAT JOHNSTON
32 The Church of CrossFit | BY LONNIE TUTUPOLY
36 Game On: Church vs. Schools | BY WALT HAMERSLOUGH
37 Adventist Athletes | BY RACHEL LOGAN
48 The Adventist Origins of Dinosaur National Monument | BY JOE WILLEY AND RONALD L. NUMBERS
57 Baptizing Dinosaurs | BY RONALD L. NUMBERS AND T JOE WILLEY
Book Reviews
69 A Tale of Faith and Doubt: Reviewing the Latest Book on Dr. John Harvey Kellogg | BY JAMES L. HAYWOOD
76 Some Hear His Voice, but Is Jesus Calling? A review of Jesus Calling | BY MARY MCINTOSH
78 Doing Justice to Do Justice | A REVIEW BY ROY BRANSON
back cover Since Children Do It, Why Can't We? | BY BRUCE FORBES