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Volume 40, Issue 4, Fall 2012

Volume 40 Issue 4 Fall

2 The Opening of the Digital Spectrum Archives | BY BONNIE DWYER
5 Formulating a Rationale for Adventist Education: A Father’s Questions | LARS JUSTINEN
6 Annual Council Diary—VII: Reflections on the General Conference and the North American Church | BY BONNIE DWYER
Bible: Conversations About God
9 The Incarnation: The Prince, the Hound, and Me | BY GREG PROUT
13 The Hiddenness of God: A Civil Blog Conversation | BY CHRIS BLAKE
Women’s Ordination: Historic Votes in the North American Division
22 The Faces of Women’s Ordination in 2012: A Photographic Yearbook | BY ALITA BYRD AND MIDORI YOSHIMURA
26 The Ordination Debate: Scratching the Twenty-Year Itch | BY ANDRE M. WANG
28 Women’s Ordination as a Threat to Church Unity: An Ethical Analysis | BY MARK F. CARR
35 The Pit Dug for Adventist Women Ministers | BY BERT HALOVIAK
39 Furthering the Mission of the Church: Women’s Ordination | BY BILL MILLER
43 Confronting the Shadow Side of Ordination: Thoughts on Humility and Christian Leadership | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN
Higher Education: Adventist Campuses Today
50 Campus Spotlight on pages 50–51, 53–54, 65–66, and 75–76
53 Checking the Political Pulse of the University: Findings from the 2012 SDA Religion and Social Issues Survey | BY JOHN T. GAVIN, WILLIAM W. ELLIS, AND CURTIS J. VANDERWAAL
67 Are Adventist Colleges and Universities Worth It? An Analysis of Institutional Metrics | BY HENRY E. FELDER
Review of Elaine Pagels’s Revelations: Visions, Prophecy and Politics in the Book of Revelation | BY JOHN R. JONES
back cover Illuminations | BY MARYE TRIM

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