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Volume 40, Issue 3, Summer 2012

Volume 40 Issue 3 Summer

2 At the Movies | BY BONNIE DWYER
4 The Adventist Spring? | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN
6 Women’s Ordination Approved in Columbia Union Conference | BY JARED WRIGHT
7 “A People of Peace”: A Look at La Sierra University’s Anti-Bullying Program | BY PATRICK GARRETT YORK
Bible: Scriptural Roots of Understanding
13 Jerusalem Syndrome: Some Reminiscences of the Recent Bible Conference in Jerusalem | BY RICHARD RICE
18 Biblical Texts and Homosexual Practices | BY IVAN T. BLAZEN
LGBT Community News and Conversation
27 Intercollegiate Adventist Gay-Straight Alliance: Sowing Seeds of Love | BY ELIEL CRUZ
32 Adventism and the Intersex Problem | BY RICH HANNON
34 Selected Blog Comments
Mission Stories: News, Memoirs, and Discussions
38 Looking for Lessons in the ADRA Leadership Change | BY ALITA BYRD
51 “We Wish to Inform You”: Baptism and Genocide in Rwanda | BY ANDREW HOWE
56 SIDEBAR: The Adventist Connection | xxx xxx
58 Demons and Football: Searching for God in the Jungle | BY ADAM WILDER
Wisdom: Philosophy and the Search for Wisdom
69 Ellen White and the Love of Wisdom | BY ABI DOUKHAN
74 Legitimization, Articulation, and Critique: Adventism and the Three Modes of Philosophy | BY ZANE YI
At 50: How to Remain Human | BY BRUCE FORBES

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