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Volume 44, Issue 3, Summer 2016

Volume 44 Issue 3 Summer

2 Starting a New Conversation about the Atonement | BY BONNIE DWYER
3 Are Our Teachers Fit to Teach? | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN
5 Proclaiming Faith by Art in Mjondalen Church, Norway | BY TOR TJERANSEN / TED NEWS
8 The Importance of Being Endorsed | BY BONNIE DWYER AND CHARLES SCRIVEN
11 A Modern Exodus and the Time of the End | KVERNMO, ALVARADO
God’s Wrath, Justice, and the Atonement
13 Ancient Concepts about Divine Anger and Appeasement: Mesopotamia and the Hebrew Bible | BY JEAN SHELDON
21 Atonement 101: Reviewing the Text, Terms, and Metaphors of Atonement | BY RICHARD RICE
29 Greg Boyd Talks God’s Non-violence, Theology, and Evangelical Christianity | BY CARMEN LAU
31 Atonement Reading List
32 God’s Justice, Yes; Penal Substitution, No | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN
Justice and the Church
41 We Stand for Justice, Love, and Salt | BY NATALIE MONKOU
44 Online Group Organizes Young Adventists for Social Justice | BY ALITA BYRD
46 Lessons in Making Disciples from the Anchorage Prison Ministries Program | BY JULI MILLER
52 When Pen Strikes Paper | BY JULI MILLER
Book Review
59 A Review: A. G. Daniells: Shaper of Twentieth-Century Adventism by Benjamin McArthur | BY GILBERT M. VALENTINE

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