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Volume 1, Issue 1,

Volume 1 Issue 1

Spectrum magazine
Table of Contents
vol. 1, no. 1, winter 1969

Alvin W. Kwiram

Into the Stone Mountain
Ben Jacques

The Christian Scholar and the Church
Godfrey T. Anderson

Forms in Nature, 1, 2
David Post

Has Man Created Life?
Duane T. Gish

Forms in Nature, 3
David Post

Whither Adventist Higher Education?
Charles B. Hirsch

Snow Mountain
Herschel Hughes

Should Adventists Take Federal Aid for Their Schools?
Alonzo L. Baker

The Christian and War
The Case for Selective Nonpacifism
Charles Scriven

A Defense of the Adventist Position
Donald R. McAdams

The Case for Conscientious Objection
Emanuel G. Fenz

Peter Erhard

Morality from Science?
Ernest J. Plata

A Matter of Fertility
Bruce E. Trumbo

Problems in Darwinism
Ariel A. Roth

A New Role for Eschatology
Herold Weiss

Wall of Separation
Kenneth D. Walters

The Earth As It Is
Donald E. Hall

Molleurus Couperus

Notes on Contributors

Cover and Table of Contents

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