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Volume 46, Issue 1, Spring 2018

Volume 46 Issue 1 Spring

2 What Inspires You? | BY BONNIE DWYER
3 Why Liberalism Failed: Opportunity and Wake-Up Call | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN


Noteworthy: Wellness
6 Rebel with a Cause: Don Hall, Father of Corporate Wellness | BY LYNN McDOWELL
9 Expanding the Vegetarian Nutrition Conversation to Include the Health of the Planet and the Quality of the Food | BY BONNIE DWYER AND VICKI SAUNDERS

Reading and Responding to the Bible
14 Sola Scriptura, Truth, and the Future of Bible Interpretation | BY OLIVE J. HEMMINGS
24 Erasmus, the Protestant Reformation, and the Text of the New Testament | BY CARL P. COSAERT
34 Integrity in Scriptural Interpretation: An Interview with Edward W. H. Vick | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN
39 “Thy Words Do Find Me Out”: George Herbert’s Devotional Reading of the Bible | BY BEVERLY BEEM
44 Art and Morals: Two Aspects of the Same Struggle | BY LILLIAN ROSA CORREA
47 Named and Known, Known and Loved: Unintended Consequences, Human Accountability, and Being Loved | BY MICHAEL PEARSON

Adventist History
56 Adventism’s Hidden Book: A Brief History of the Apocrypha | BY MATTHEW J. KORPMAN
66 “It Was Not Taught Me by Man”: Ellen White’s Visions and 2 Esdras | BY DONALD E. CASEBOLT
74 To Be Depended Upon: Ellen White and Blacks, Part III | BY BENJAMIN BAKER

The H. Scriptures | BY GEORGE HERBERT

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