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Volume 44, Issue 1, Winter 2016

Volume 44 Issue 1 Winter

Editorials and Feedback
2 Confronting Prejudice | BY BONNIE DWYER
3 The Holy Spirit and the Frozen Chosen | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN
4 Creativity Comes Alive: Coloring Contest Winners Announced
5 Watching Waves: Andrews University Professor Helps Make Physics History | BY CLINTON JACKSON
9 Loving Others Like Jesus Loves You | BY JOHN MENDIS
11 Cain and Abel: A Biblical Perspective on the Immigration Debate | BY ABIGAIL DOUKHAN
Migrant Journeys
17 The Turnip Picker | BY DESIREE LACEY
19 Paradise Valley Refugee Assimilation Project | BY WILL JAMES
26 The Migrant Crisis: Mopping up while the tap is still running | BY HELEN PEARSON; Serbia: On the Road to Hope | BY MIRKO RUDI; Macedonia: The Caring Hand of Support | BY MAJA VUCINIC; ADRA in the Middle East | BY MEMORY COX AND BRITT CELINE OLDEBRÅTEN
Health and Health Care
41 Tempered Enthusiasm: Adventists and the Temperance Movement | BY RICHARD RICE
56 The Adventist Church and Its American Health Systems | BY GERALD WINSLOW
62 Florida Hospital Signs Contract with Daytona Speedway | BY JARED WRIGHT
Race and Adventism
66 “Let the Slave Reply”: The Critical Sabbatarian Adventist Decade, Ellen White, and Blacks | BY BENJAMIN BAKER
71 Adventism’s Promise for Black Liberation | BY DOUGLAS MORGAN
79 Reading Recommendations from Roy Branson’s Sabbath School Class | BY RON GRAYBILL AND DAVE LARSON

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