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Volume 42, Issue 1, Winter 2014

Volume 42 Issue 1 Winter

3 What’s Better Than a Fight? | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN
Selected Messages on Reading the Bible
6 The Second Lie | BY GREG PROUT
10 Inerrancy, Adventism, and Church Unity | BY RICHARD RICE
20 Bible and Adventism: A Monocentric or a Polycentric Unity? | BY HANS GUTIERREZ 26 TOSC Struggles Reading the Bible | BY BONNIE DWYER
The Society of Adventist Philosophers Discusses Racism
32 The Society of Adventist Philosophers Addresses the Issues of Race and Gender | BY ZANE YI
34 Do It Yourself: Adventism and the Problem of Race | BY TIMOTHY GOLDEN
38 John Harvey Kellogg, Ellen G. White, and Adventism’s Philosophy of Race | BY ALEKSANDAR S. SANTRAC
46 Adventism and American White Supremacy | BY MATTHEW BURDETTE
Revisiting Adventist History
52 The 1960s Crisis at the Seminary | BY HEROLD WEISS
60 Is the Ellen White Era Over—Or Has It Just Begun? | BY DAVID THIELE
66 Clearer Views of Jesus and the Doctrine of the Trinity in the Seventh-day Adventist Church | BY GIL VALENTINE
Book Review
77 Mortality and Animal Existence in Ronald Osborn’s Death Before the Fall | BY DARYLL WARD
back cover Led by the Light | BY BRUCE FORBES

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