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Volume 40, Issue 1, Winter 2012

Volume 40 Issue 1 Winter

2 Spiritual Formation and the Culture of Adventism | BY BONNIE DWYER
3 Should Revival Begin at the Top? | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN
Noteworthy: from the Spectrum Blog
5 About the One project | REPORT BY SAM NEVES
7 Blog Comments: S Styrra, Ron Osborn, David Read, Pam in Seattle, PrBigKev, Zane Yi, G Lacourse, Chris Blake, Kevin D. Paulson
Bible: The People of God
12 A Nation Without a State: Inclusivitiy, Exclusivity, and the People of God | BY DONN LEATHERMAN
20 Identity, Exclusivity and Inclusivity | BY STEPEHN BAUER 29 “The Remnant” and “the Others” | BY ROLF POHLER
37 The Angry Believers | BY LOREN SEIBOLD
44 The Great “Spiritual Formation” Kerfuffle | BY DAVID E. THOMAS
50 Andrews University Statement on Biblical Spirituality
55 Commenting on the “Statement on Biblical Spirituality” | BY HARRI KUHALAMPI
59 Affirming “A Statement on Biblical Spirituality” | BY RACHEL DAVIES
63 Four Spiritual Pathways | BY JOHN R. JONES
68 The Cosmic “Phew”: Stages experienced in humankind’s individual and collective religious search | BY CHARLES TEEL, JR.
72 Writing Your Spiritual Story: A Key to Spiritual Health | BY MARY MCINTOSH
back cover Babel/Babble | BY BRUCE FORBES

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