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From the Editor

Open Letter to A Conference President

Roy Branson


The Radical Roots of Peruvian Adventism

Just when you thought Adventism was safe and predictable, along come Fernando and Ana Stahl. Charles Teel tells their story.

Student Art and Poetry: Windows of the Soul

Here’s to the bards and artists from Adventist college campuses who put their best work on paper this year.

Special Section

Historians on Spectrum: Pioneering a Free Press

What has been the impact of Spectrum upon the Adventist Church in the past 20 years?

The Next 20 Years: Spectrum’s Ideal Future

Young readers look ahead to the compleat Spectrum.

Five-Year Index: Vols. 16 through 20

In which you can look up your favorite author, topic, book review, film review, poetry, art, or even cartoon.


News Updates

Iris Yob covers the Women’s Summit in which specific goals for the participation of women in ministry and administration were drawn up. The Chicago Tribune reports on women withholding tithe.


Jonathan Butler and R. Laurence Moore review Seeking a Sanctuary, the new history of Adventism that is change how we look at ourselves.

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