Janice De-Whyte on Faith and Failure

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September 2, 2023

Janice De-Whyte reflects on God's priorities by looking at the failure of the religious community in Bethel. The conversation is based on her chapter in the book, A House on Fire: How Adventist Faith Responds to Race and Racism, which was edited by Nathan Brown and Maury Jackson. Nathan Brown and Lisa Clark Diller join Janice to explore these themes together.

Janice De-Whyte, PhD, is Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at the School of Religion, Loma Linda University. She is the author of Wom(b)an: A Cultural-Narrative Reading of the Hebrew Bible Barrenness Narratives. As a biblical scholar and clergywoman, Dr. De-Whyte’s research and teaching engages Scripture and its intersection with gender, race, economics, and health. She’s attended Newbold College (Bachelor of Divinity), Andrews University (MA Old Testament) and McMaster Divinity College (PhD Old Testament).

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Jared Wright is Weekend Editor of Spectrum.

Title Image: Janice De-White on Adventist Voices. Andrews University / Spectrum.

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