Dissonance: Addressing Cultural Vertigo

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October 20, 2023

Integrating Self is a limited Spectrum podcast series. 
Hailing from Eastern Canada, with time spent as a chaplain in Western Canada, Ben Amoah now works as the youth pastor at La Sierra University Church. By being connected to and inspired by his Ghanaian roots, he creates safe spaces for cultural minorities. 
“The reality of humanity [is] that we can be part of an organization, Christianity or Adventism, that is Christ centered and yet does not prioritize people. . . We can have a cognitive dissonance between being Christian and following the sacraments, or the flow of tradition and also never really care about all people at all times.”

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Kevin R. McCarty is a former Adventist teacher in beautiful British Columba.

Title image credit: La Sierra University Church. 

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