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The Rainbow in the Room, Apr. 21

Rainbow in the Room

“The Rainbow in the Room” is a community event hosted by Andrews University students open to Berrien Springs community members. The free, RSVP-only event will take place April 21 at 4:00 P.M. at a location to be provided upon registering. The goal is open dialogue about LGBTQ issues that affect Andrews students and the community.

Event co-creators, Erin Beers and Chris Ngugi said of their motivation, “We have two goals: first is sharing information about current research in the United States—including Berrien County—surrounding informed care for LGBTQ+ individuals,” they said. Along with that, they hope to provide “some basic information about the harms of groups accused of conversion therapy.” Their second goal is facilitating conversation. “We’d like to open the floor for comments and conversations from community members, and we genuinely want to hear from people from different walks of life who approach this topic in varying ways.”

Read a detailed description and invitation here.

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