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Sligo Faith and Reason Sabbath School: James Londis

(10:00 a.m. Eastern Time)

Faith and Reason Sabbath School meets Sabbath, February 26, at 10:00 am. Socializing starts at 9:30.

This Sabbath James Londis presents on “The Anthropic Principle, the Fine-Tuned Universe and the God of Creation”.

Londis is a retired evangelist, pastor, professor, college president, and ethics and corporate integrity officer. He earned a PhD in philosophy is from Boston University.

Sounds too philosophical for some of you? Don’t worry. Maybe it’s because Jim’s doctorate in philosophy of religion has been polished and honed by hundreds of amazing sermons while he was our Sligo senior pastor in the 70s and ’80s, but no one is better at addressing “deep thought” questions with such accessible clarity. He is both a great preacher and a great teacher. Jim has distinguished academic and scholarly vitae, but what matters most for many in our class is that he was our pastor and this Sabbath he is Sligo again.  

Sabbath School Zoom Link:  

Password: @sligo7700

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