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Online Book Symposium—Seventh-day Adventist Historiography: An Introduction

(7 p.m. Central European Time / 1 p.m. Eastern Time / 10 a.m. Pacific Time)

Attend an online book symposium with Gabriel Masfa, author of Seventh-day Adventist Historiography: An Introduction (2021), on Sunday, January 23.

The online symposium will be presented on Zoom with Chigemezi Wogu (Germany) and Daniel Muller (the Netherlands) as moderators. Zoom Meeting ID: 890 9791 2079 and Passcode: 042589.

Although Adventist history is a vital part of Adventist identity, comparatively little reflection has been done to analyze what this history means or how it has been written. In which ways does historiography impact Adventist theology, history, and philosophy? How and why have Adventist historians interpreted and written about the past? To what extent have Adventist historians incorporated social, political, and secular approaches to their historical narratives?

Seventh-day Adventist Historiography: An Introduction is the first critical historiographical analysis of Adventist Studies and the first substantive history of Seventh-day Adventist historiography. It charts the growth and development of Adventist historical consciousness and reflects on how Adventist historians have approached history. The author concentrates on select historians whose publications cover important issues for Seventh-day Adventist history. Such historians are recognized for their contributions, both published and unpublished, that are foundational to Adventist history and historiography.

Peter Lang, publisher of the book, explains: “The book analyzes basic historical facts as used in the writing of Seventh-day Adventist history. It is analytical in nature by using documentary sources including relevant books, articles, and other research materials. It departs from using a strict chronological approach and instead focuses on major themes from Adventist history that illustrate Adventist historiography.”

Speaker Bios:

Presenter: Dr. Gabriel Masfa is a church historian who teaches and researches in the areas of Adventist studies, church history, and Adventist historiography in the Department of Religious Studies, Babcock University in Nigeria.

Main respondent: Dr. David J.B. Trim is a historian, archivist, and educator whose specialties are in European military history and religious history. Currently, he is the director of Archives, Statistics, and Research at the World Headquarters of Seventh-day Adventists

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