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Newbold Diversity Centre — Getting on the Wrong Side of Jesus: Exploring the Edges of Mission

(7:30 p.m. GMT-London)

Online November 2021 Diversity Lecture

The Diversity Centre at Newbold College of Higher Education would like to welcome you to the November 2021 Diversity Lecture.

Semester theme: Urban Religious Diversity

Lecture title: Getting on the wrong side of Jesus: exploring the edges of mission


Revd Dr Al Barrett—Rector of Hodge Hill Church in the Diocese of Birmingham

Revd Ruth Harley—Church of England curate in Watling Valley Ecumenical Partnership

Brexit, Windrush, Me-Too, COVID-19 – all these have highlighted and intensified social fractures in towns and cities and around the UK – and new challenges for Christian mission. Al Barrett and Ruth Harley will share their experience and their reflections on mission and loving your neighbour in a turbulent time.

Al Barrett and Ruth Harley are co-authors of Being Interrupted: Re-imagining the Church’s Mission from the Outside, In! (SCM Press, 2020)

A 20% discount on the purchase of the book will be available to those who register for the lecture.

An interactive Q&A will follow the lecture – please note, only registrants to the webinar will be able to submit their questions.


Click here to sign up for the Zoom lecture. 


The Diversity Centre at Newbold College of Higher Education creates and hosts lectures and conferences which explore ideas about human differences in an open, inclusive environment.

It is dedicated to creating a forum where majority and minority groups can discuss, reconcile and celebrate their differences in a safe space.

It aims not to emphasise differences at the expense of commonality, but emphasises what we have in common and balances that with what makes us unique.

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