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Loma Linda Sabbath Seminars March 9: Scientists Reflect, Part 3 – Mary Schweitzer

This Saturday, March 9, Loma Linda Sabbath Seminars presents the third part in the series “Scientists Reflect on their Faith Journey” with Paleontologist Mary Schweitzer. Mailen Kootsy moderates. Announcements and introductions begin at 10:30 A.M., PST. The group meets in the Centennial Complex Room 3208 each Sabbath morning until 12:30 P.M.

Zoom Link:  

10:30 – Announcements and Introduction of Presenter
Opening Liturgy and Prayer
Presentation – Mary Schweitzer           
12:30 – Closing Liturgy and After-Class Visiting
Many will join for lunch after class today at a restaurant to be decided 

Class website:

Zoom Class LINK:  

Here is a fascinating introduction to Schweitzer’s work:  ‘I don’t care what they say about me’: Paleontologist stares down critics in her hunt for dinosaur proteins | Science | AAAS

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