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Loma Linda Sabbath Seminars March 23: Training Conservation Technologists of the Future

This Saturday, March 16, the Loma Linda Sabbath Seminars group meets at 10:30 A.M. H. Scott Butterfield presents: “Training Conservation Technologists of the Future to Solve the World’s Biggest Environmental Issues,” and Mailen Kootsey will moderate conversation.

Join via Zoom:

10:30:  Announcements and Introduction of Presenter
Opening Liturgy and Prayer
Presentation:  Scott Butterfield
Open Discussion
12:30:  Closing Liturgy and after-class visiting

Today the leadership team will meet briefly after class, after which many of us will join at a restaurant of our choice.

H. Scott Butterfield is Clark Professor of Conservation Technology, Department of Biology, Pacific Union College.  To learn more see:

Scott Butterfield – Science for Conservation

Rewilding the San Joaquin Valley – Science for Conservation

Centennial Complex Room 3208  Sabbath Morning 10:30-12:30

Discussion guidelines:  The moderator will request those individuals (in class and on zoom) who wish to make a major point (3 minutes or less).  The moderator will then acknowledge you for a 3 minute major point/question, or for a 1 minute point/question on the present 3 minute subject. Please respect these efforts by our class to increase participation and reduce individual dominance.   Please keep your discussion on-topic and respectful and speak up so that those in the room as well as those on zoom can hear you.

Morning Worship Service is at 9 AM in the Sanctuary

Go to for the video feed of the 9 AM morning service, the current bulletin etc.

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