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LLUC Sabbath Seminars June 8: Red Dynamite Chapters 2 & 3

This Saturday, June 8, the Loma Linda University Church Sabbath Seminars continues discussion of Red Dynamite with Calvin Thomsen and Bill Shull. Price built the case for connecting communism and evolution; early Fundamentalist preachers fanned the flame—and Adventists joined in—the San Francisco Evolution Debate.

10:30 AM, Pacific – Ch. 2:  “The Lamb-Dragon and the Devil’s Poison” (George McCready Price) with Presenter Calvin Thomsen

11:30 AM, Pacific – Ch. 3:  “Blood Relationships, Bolshevism and Whoopie Parties” with Presenter Bill Shull

Reading Assignment: Carl Weinberg, Red Dynamite Chapters 2 and 3. You may obtain the Kindle version of Red Dynamite for free on the Amazon site;  you may prefer the hard copy;  both are obtained here


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