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LLUC Sabbath Seminars June 15: Red Dynamite Chapters 4 & 5

This Saturday, June 15, the Loma Linda University Church Sabbath Seminars continues discussion of Red Dynamite with John Testerman and Bill Shull.

In Chapter 4, Christian anticommunism unfolds in a context highlighted by widespread labor
struggle, political polarization, and the rise of Fascism on a global scale. Jews are blamed for
Marxism and Darwinism. In Chapter 5, the early years of the Cold War see conservative Christian
leadership passed to a new generation who prominently included Baptist firebrand preacher John R. Rice, and “scientific” creationists/global diluvialists Morris and Whitcomb.

10:30 AM, Pacific:  Announcements and Introduction of Presenter

11:30 AM, Pacific: Discussion

12:30 AM, Pacific: Closing Liturgy

John Testerman, PhD, M.D. earned his doctorate at U.C. Irvine and taught biology at Loma
Linda University, Riverside campus, in the 1970s. He then became a physician specializing in
family practice, heading the Loma Linda University Family Practice Department for many
years. John and his wife Nancy have been members of Sabbath Seminars for decades.

Bill Shull studied theology at Loma Linda University Riverside. He has a M.M. in Vocal
Studies from the University of Redlands. He has been a piano technician since 1980. He has
participated in Sabbath Seminars since 2007. His partner Catherine Lee joins him in this work, in energetic discussion, and Sabbath Seminars fellowship.

Reading Assignment: Carl Weinberg, Red Dynamite Chapters 4 and 5. You may obtain the Kindle version of Red Dynamite for free on the Amazon site;  you may prefer the hard copy;  both are obtained here.


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