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Faith and Reason Sabbath School: “Mary: Grasping vs. Receiving”

 The Faith and Reason School meets this Sabbath, December 23,  10:00 AM Eastern. Socializing starts at 9:30. Abi Doukhan will share reflections on Mary: “Mary: Grasping vs. Receiving”. This is Doukhan’s fourth presentation in her intermittent and fascinating series on women in the Bible.

About The Topic:
Adventists have focused minimally on Mary, the mother of Jesus, maybe because we’ve focused so much on Ellen White, the mother of Adventism (plus, of course, Adventists’ historic anti-Catholic tendencies). The Hebrew Bible was written by male authors, depicts a male God and has been for centuries interpreted by male scholars. Doukhan asks, “Is there no room for women’s voices in the Biblical story?”

“Grasping and receiving” is a theme she will explore further in future explorations with us of other women’s voices—the Daughters of Job, the Shulamite in the Song of Songs.  

About the Presenter:
Abi Doukhan is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Queen’s College in New York (CUNY) and holds the Pearl and Nathan Halegua Family Initiative in Ethics and Tolerance. She holds a masters degree from the Sorbonne and a doctorate from the University of Paris.   

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