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Faith and Reason Sabbath School March 30 – Abraham, Moses and Job: Moral Dilemmas and Arguing  with God

Faith and Reason Sabbath School meets Sabbath, March 30,  10:00 am.  Socializing starts at 9:30 am

This Sabbath our presenter is James Londis, Abraham, Moses and Job: Moral Dilemmas and Arguing  with God”.   Jim wants us to consider several Hebrew Bible passages that feature  stories of people arguing with God.  “In the cases of Abraham and Moses”, Jim notes, “God is even persuaded to ‘change his mind’. In Job’s case, God changes Job’s mind”.  There are rich moral and theological implications going on in these divine-human encounters.  When we were young, Jim was our Sligo Senior Pastor  and his Sabbath sermons launched a thousand Sabbath dinner conversations  Has anyone  blended fresh thinking and inspirational preaching —a truly difficult task—so effectively? Jim is a member of our Faith and Reason Class and retired in Tennessee.

Homework?  Reading Abraham’s encounter with God in Genesis 18:22-33 and Moses’ plea in Exodus 32:9-14 for Yahweh to change his mind will give you a head start on our discussion Sabbath .

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