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Faith and Reason Sabbath School March 2: “Luther vs. God” Screening

The Faith and Reason Sabbath School meets Saturday, March 2, at 10:00 A.M.  Pacific. Socializing begins at 9:30 A.M.

This Sabbath playwright Laura Wibberding and director Kara Wibberding will host a screening of their Reformation drama, “Luther vs. God”. Originally presented at PUC, the play is framed by  Luther’s conversion in a thunderstorm and his posting of the ninety-five theses. 

Kara, who edited and directed the play, is a junior at PUC Preparatory School in Angwin. She has directed a number of church and school dramas. No surprise that she is considering a career in film. 

When not writing plays, Laura teaches History and Religion at Pacific Union College, where she is also chair of History. She’s an active Faith and Reason member, presenter and chat line commenter. While Laura wrote the original script and created the costumes, she clarifies “it was Kara who created what we will see Sabbath.” 

Many will remember the screening of Laura’s drama, “The Radicals,” several months ago for our class. 

Eric Anderson’s Reading List that he shared last Sabbath:

The Spiritual Retreat that Eric is conducting at Albion, PUC’s field station, starts Friday, March 15 and runs through Sunday noon, March 17.  It is beautifully located on the Mendocino Coast.  Text Eric right away if you’re interested (817 240-9591).

Mosaic:  Here’s a photo of the icon that Eric said sits on his mantle: The original mosaic, Christ Pantocrator, is in the Daphni Monastary a few miles outside Athens. Pantocrator means “All-Ruler.” This icon shows Christ as Creator, Savior and Judge. Google if you want the larger story.

Save The Date!  Faith and Reason Class Potluck,  May 18 at the Tomenko’s

Sabbath School Zoom Link:

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