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Faith and Reason Sabbath School June 8: A Discussion with Herold Weiss

The Faith and Reason Sabbath School meets Sabbath, June 8, at 10:00 AM, Eastern.  Socializing starts at 9:30 a.m.

This Sabbath we interview Herold Weiss, who taught and mentored many of us when he taught at Andrews Seminary during its Golden Age in the 1960’s. His lectures in Biblical Studies were a revelatory awakening that questioned and deepened faith. But the Golden Age was unfortunately also polarizing and painful—see Gil Valentine’s Ostriches and Canaries—and Herold role modeled a faith filled intellectual and moral integrity that forever shaped my faith and church journey. So, yes, Herold is chiseled on my Mt. Rushmore. After leaving Andrews, Herold was professor of Religious Studies at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, for more than thirty years. That he has authored multiple academic studies is no surprise to those of us who heard his stirring lectures, but it is his memoir, Finding My Way in Christianity: Recollections of a Journey (it’s on Amazon—run, don’t walk) that celebrates Herold’s world embracing geography of faith lived both inside and outside the Adventist community that now most nourishes. Herold still lives in the house he built in the woods outside Berrien in 1973 and continues to write, including for Spectrum, and teach a Sabbath School class now and then.

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June 15    Answering N.T. Wright:  “If you could take only one chapter of the Bible with you onto a desert island, what would it be?  Tell us next Sabbath and, if you’d like,  also take a moment or two to tell us why.  

June 22   Olive Hemmings

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