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Faith and Reason Sabbath School June 22: “How Headship Theology Distorts the Gospel”

The Faith and Reason Sabbath School meets this Saturday, June 22,  at 10:00 A.M., Eastern. Socializing starts at 9:30 a.m.

This Sabbath, Olive Hemmings, chair, professor of Religion and Ethics at Washington Adventist University, presents “How Headship Theology Distorts the Gospel”. Adventists did not invent (male) headship theology but it has played a starring role in Adventist culture wars. Hemmings’ recent critique of headship theology in Adventist Today, is the best we’ve read. Hemmings goes straight to Paul and the gospel: “The gospel preached by apostle Paul and the early church is the gospel of liberation that subdues the egoistic identity – male versus female, Jew versus Gentile, slave versus free person– by the urgent call to be ‘in Christ.’” She says that the “entire framework of Paul’s theology is set up against domination. He demonstrates what he teaches – egalitarian collaboration with not only slaves and Gentiles but with female fellow apostles and teachers such as Junia and Prisca.” We love it when Hemmings gets even bolder and now she does: “We have seen the violence that has been perpetuated by this headship theology of male entitlement to female personhood and space. We have seen it from the shaded spectacles in the suburban American church pew, to the eight-year old female children in Africa forced to marry sixty-year old men after their genitals have been mutilated to control their sexuality. Let us listen to the real Paul and END IT NOW.” This Sabbath we will. 

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