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Faith and Reason Sabbath School June 1: “Heshbon – The OT City that Changed Adventism and Archaeology”

Faith and Reason Sabbath School meets this Sabbath, June 1, at 10:00 AM, Eastern. Socializing starts at 9:30 a.m.

Larry Geraty and Sten Labianca will present on “Heshbon: The Old Testament City that Changed Adventism and Archaeology.” For some of us, Heshbon is probably better known as an archaeological site than for the biblical references themselves even though it’s mentioned 37 times (more than “Nazareth” and “Rome” combined). The Heshbon archaeological expedition was first directed by Siegfried Horn in the 1960s and later by Larry and then Sten for fifty years (!). The project’s search for archaeological confirmation between Heshbon and the Hebrew conquest of Canaan (read Numbers 21) has challenged our understanding of early Hebrew history and has also provided Larry, Sten, and their colleagues the opportunity to contribute new archaeological methods and to mentor scores of younger archaeologists.  It’s a great story.  

Sten Laianca has retired as Professor of Anthropology and Associate Director of the Institute of Archeology at Andrews University; Larry Geraty is President Emeritus of La Sierra University. They are currently together in Oxford writing a capstone report and appraisal of the Heshbon expedition. 

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