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Faith and Reason Sabbath School Jan. 27: A Psalm for God’s People in Exile Today

The Faith and Reason Sabbath School meets Sabbath, January 27,  10:00 am.  Socializing starts at 9:30. This Sabbath  Reinder Bruinsma will share a presentation called “A Psalm for God’s People in Exile Today”.  

Drawing from Psalm 137,  Bruinsma offers those who feel exiled from the church they love (or are angry at), a painful but hopeful call to “retrieve their harps from the poplars and once again sing their songs of Zion, even when they currently are at a distance from the church.”.  He acknowledges that those of us who have stayed also long for change and frequently feel exiled in place. I was deeply moved by his recent essay in Spectrum along these same lines and the minute I finished reading it, asked (begged actually) him to present to us. Reinder Bruinsma is a retired church administrator, active as a theologian and author who is a pastor prophet to many of us.

Homework!  Read Psalm 137

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