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Faith and Reason Sabbath School Feb. 17 – James Hayward and Shandelle Henson

The Faith and Reason Sabbath School meets Saturday, February 17 at 10:00 am. Socializing starts at 9:30 am. This Sabbath Shandelle Henson and Jim Hayward co-present on the topic:  “All the World’s a Play”.   

Henson and Hayward provided this introduction to the topic:

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The first verse of the Bible begins with a declaration of process and change—in other words, of “play”! Indeed, process and change constitute intrinsic components of reality—How boring life would be if ruled only by stasis! But process and change sometimes lead to realities involving pain and suffering. How do we account for these realities in view of faith in a good God? We will discuss two models proposed by Christians to resolve, or at least live with, this tension—a traditional model which assumes God’s foreknowledge, and an alternate model which derives from ‘openness of God” theology.’

Jim Hayward is professor emeritus of biology at Andrews University and the author of Dinosaurs,Volcanoes and Holy Writ, a memoir of his journey from fundamentalism to faith and a must read if you’re on a creation chronology journey.

Shandelle Henson is professor of mathematics and ecology at Andrews who wows us every time she presents. This is the first time they have presented together to our class so Sabbath may be doubly provocative and fun! I think we enjoy their presentations so much because like all great teachers they claim not to be experts and so approach this topic “with humility and as a learners and askers of questions.”  

Next Sabbath, February 24,  Eric Anderson, Historian and retired Adventist University president:  “Sounds of Silence: Learning from Ellen White and Other Mystics.”

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