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Faith and Reason Sabbath School Feb. 10 “Public Health: The Sewer System of Healthcare”

Faith and Reason Sabbath School meets Sabbath, February 10, 10:00 a.m. EST. 

Mark Johnson’s presentation is provocatively titled “Public Health: The Sewer System of Healthcare”.  The approaches and achievements of public health and clinical health are often framed as dichotomies—“prevention vs. cure”—with prevention almost always getting the short straw. (In Europe only 3% of the healthcare budget is devoted to prevention and the numbers are similar in the US). But practitioners are increasingly recognizing that the two fields are complementary.  

How does that play in Adventism with our extensive hospital and clinical health systems but also a historic commitment to prevention and population health issues (especially smoking and alcohol abuse)?   

Mark is a retired public health physician and a member of the Boulder, Colorado, church, who last presented to us on religious addictions.   

Sabbath School Zoom Link:

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