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Donald McAdams: “Ellen White & the Historians” at CZSS

(9:30 a.m. Pacific / 11:30 a.m. central / 12:30 p.m. eastern)

Donald McAdams will present “Ellen White & the Historians” for the Choir Zoom Sabbath School at Pacific Union College on Saturday, August 26.

Fifty years ago, Don McAdams wrote a paper detailing how Ellen White used the work of historian James A. Wylie in The Great Controversy, based on a manuscript he had found at the White Estate. The paper has recently been published in a new book, Ellen White & the Historians, from Oak & Acorn publishing. McAdams will clarify the issues involved, walk us through the evidence from the manuscript, and discuss the response of church leadership to his findings.

Donald McAdams graduated from Columbia Union College and Duke University and has published on history, management, and education policy. He has been a professor at Andrews University and the University of Houston; president of Southwestern Adventist College and at the Texas Independent College fund; and executive vice president of the American Productivity & Quality Center and Texas Southern University. In 1993, he founded a management consultancy with clients in manufacturing, mining, travel, education, and healthcare. There, he designed for the Veterans Administration a system-wide implementation of quality management for their nearly 200 hospitals. In 2001, after 12 years on the Houston school board, he founded the Center for Reform of School Systems to provide governance training for urban school boards. By his retirement in 2011, he had trained boards in over 100 districts.

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