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Domestic Abuse: A Workshop on What the Church Can Do

The 37th Annual Meeting of the Association of Adventist Women (AAF)

Domestic Abuse: A Workshop on What the Church Can Do

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Date & Time:

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Saturday Registration 8:00-9:00 a.m.


Loma Linda University

Centennial Complex

24760 Stewart St.

Loma Linda, CA 92354


This workshop is designed to discuss its — the dynamics of domestic abuse causes, effects, and prevention. Emphasis will be placed on how church leaders and members can play significant roles in helping families deal with domestic abuse, and direct them to services and programs that provide safety, counseling, education and emotional healing. The mission of Christ is to be the mission of His followers: “To heal the brokenhearted.” Luke 4:18

As Christians, we can be instrumental in helping our homes and churches to be supportive, nurturing, empowering, healing, and safe environments for individuals who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse.

Workshop Presenters:

Mable Dunbar, PhD

Root Causes of Unhealthy Relationships

Mable Dunbar is both founder and president of Women’s Healing and Empowerment Network, Spokane, Washington. She is a both a certified behavioral therapist and a domestic violence counselor. Mable is the author The Truth about Us, and with her husband Colin wrote Domestic Abuse: A Church Responds. She has contributed to four other books: Intimate Violence, Peace and Healing, We Suffered in Silence, and Empowered.

Barbara Hernandez, PhD

Who’s Abusing and Why It’s Hard to Break Free

Barbara Hernandez earned her doctoral degree in family social science from the University of Minnesota, and since 1995 has taught courses in maternal and child health, psychology, counseling, and family therapy at four universities — Minnesota, Indiana State, Walla Walla, and Loma Linda. She is currently a Professor of Medical Education at LLU’s School of Medicine, where she also directs the Physician Vitality program.

Jon Mundall, MD

The Many Facets of Domestic Violence — A Case Study

Jon Mundall is a practicing physician in the fields of nutritional or functional medicine, with offices in Cornell and Spokane, Washington. He has been practicing medicine since he graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1973. He is especially concerned about domestic violence.

Tamara Schreven

A Personal Journey

Tamara Schreven is the president of Haven of Hope Ministries, an outreach to abused women and children. Having survived an abusive marriage, she has a heart for women and children living in abuse, silence and behind closed doors. She is especially concerned about persons who have lost their identity, dreams, and souls. There is amazing value in the Christian message for the domestically downtrodden, says Ms. Schreven.

Colin Dunbar, DMin

Forgiveness, Recovery, and Restoration

Colin Dunbar has served as a pastor, evangelist, church builder, publishing director, and ministerial director in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He has also served as an adjunct professor at Andrews University’s theological seminary, and he is a certified grief recovery counselor. He is co-author of Abuse: A Church Responds.

Workshop Objectives:

• To educate and sensitize Christians to the prevalence and severity of domestic abuse in religious circles and identify forms of abuse

• To identify the causes and long-term effects of domestic abuse on families, churches and society

• To explore the social, psychological, emotional, cultural, religious, and legal issues of domestic abuse from a faith perspective

• To help Christians learn how to respond to victims and perpetrators

• To increase networking between the religious and secular agencies in developing and/or enhancing programs, services, and resources

• To eradicate domestic abuse, and foster a healing environment for church and community members

Additional Details:

Everyone is welcome (including men)

Association members


Students may apply for a scholarship by phone

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