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Christian Woman in Africa on the Environmental Crisis

(7:30 p.m. GMT)

Christian Woman in Africa on the Environmental Crisis

March 2022 Diversity Lecture from the Newbold College Diversity Centre

Semester theme: Faith and Environmental Action – Diverse Responses

Lecture title: The Environmental Crisis – Through the eyes of a Christian woman in Africa

Lecturer: Dr Zivayi Nengomasha, Programs and Planning Director, Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Africa

Zivayi has worked all over Africa in research or administration for sustainable development for two decades. As a multi-skilled and experienced development professional, Zivayi supports work in strategic planning in the 34 ADRA Country Offices in Africa. She specializes in Strategic Planning in the various programs undertaken by ADRA – development, implementation, and monitoring. She is a key person on the ADRA climate change task force and evaluates all ADRA Africa programs from an environmental perspective.

Her PhD in Animal Science from the University of Edinburgh and her Masters’ degrees from both Andrews University and the University of Edinburgh form the foundations for her career working in not-for profit organizations on agriculture, food security and sustainable capacity development. She has worked internationally on donor programs with the Swedish, UK and US governments.

Register for this event. An interactive Q&A will follow the lecture please note, only registrants to the webinar will be able to submit their questions.

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