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Choir Zoom Sabbath School June 22: “Did God Create viruses?”

Jim Hayward will present this Saturday at 9:30 AM, Pacific.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought viruses front and center to the stage of human consciousness. Yet a great deal of misunderstanding remains about these biological entities. What are viruses? Are they alive? How were they discovered? How diverse are they? How do they reproduce and how are they transmitted? In what ways do they impact human society? Are some viruses “good”? Did God create viruses? These are some of the questions to be discussed during this week’s CZSS.

Dr. Jim Hayward, a professor emeritus of biology at Andrews University, received his Ph.D. in zoology from Washington State University. His memoir, Dinosaurs, Volcanoes, and Holy Writ: A Boy-Turned-Scientist Journeys from Fundamentalism to Faith, was published in 2020.

Here is your Zoom link, which is the same every week:

If you have trouble joining, please feel free to phone or text Elisabeth Reeves for technical support at (707) 478-6349.

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