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Asheville Forum: Ron Graybill

Asheville Adventist Forum: Ron Graybill


Please note that this meeting of the Asheville Adventist Forum will be held via Zoom. If you wish to be part of this meeting, please send an email saying so to Connie at by the night of Wednesday, August 26, 2020. She will send you the password and link that you will need to log into the meeting, which Dennis Campbell will host. Connie will chair the meeting, introduce Ron, and set up the method for recognizing those who wish to comment or ask a question after the presentation. Please log in a few minutes before starting time. If you have friends who would be interested in this topic and whom you wish to introduce to the Forum chapter, please send their names and email addresses to Connie. It is likely that we will have some people attending from far and wide, which makes Zoom meetings so interesting.

Date & Time:

August 29, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern


"The Ecstasy of Atkinson in the Roots of Adventism"

A searching historical analysis of the Trial of Israel Dammon, especially the conflicting accounts of Dammon's arrest by the sheriff and Ellen White. But also, reflections on the meaning of that noisy Millerite meeting in Atkinson, ME, in Feb. 1845, which constitutes the first public notice of Ellen Harmon, plus how the elements of that meeting symbolize tendencies and beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists to this very day.

Speaker Biography:

Ronald D. Graybill holds a PhD degree in American Religious History from The Johns Hopkins University (1983). He has worked as a pastor, university professor. historical researcher, corporate communications specialist, journalist, and editor during his career. He spent 13 years as an Associate Secretary at the Ellen G. White Estate at Adventist General Conference headquarters where he assisted Arthur White in writing a portion of the six-volume biography of Ellen G. White. (1970-1983) He wrote the introduction to the current Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal (1985) and the original draft of the “Preamble” to the Seventh-day Adventist Statement of Fundamental Beliefs. His many articles on Adventist history made him one of the most frequently cited sources in the Ellen G. White Encyclopedia (2013). His most recent book, Visions and Revisions: A Textual History of Ellen G. White’s Writings is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon, as is his 1983 dissertation, The Power of Prophecy.


For further information contact Connie Hayward, 828-693-1105 (h), 828-388-1575 (c),

Ron Lawson may be contacted at

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