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Asheville Forum: Laura Alipoon

Asheville Adventist Forum: Dr. Laura Alipoon

The speaker at the meeting of the Asheville Adventist Forum on February 29 will be Dr. Laura Alipoon. She is the Chair of the Department of Radiation Technology in the School of Allied Health Professions (SAHP) at Loma Linda University.  Her educational background includes a Doctoral degree in Education, a Master’s degree in Counselor Education, a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences and an Associate’s degree in Medical Radiography.  She also has 72 hours of education in Coaching including topics such as emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, and executive coaching.  In addition to many peer-reviewed poster presentations, Laura has had numerous peer-reviewed oral presentations at local, state, national, and international conferences during her career.  Dr. Alipoon has taken point on over 10 program development endeavors, two of which were in the international arena.  Dr. Alipoon is also one of the assessment specialists for the SAHP.

The title of  Dr Alipoon's presentation is: The Sands of Time & Cultural Blinders.  It is inspired by a portion of the book Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes by E. Randolph Richards and Brandon J. O’Brien. She will consider:

i.     How the view of time changes from culture to culture, particularly from East to West

ii.     How this difference might, and should, change our interpretation of stories in the Bible

iii.     Overarching cultural concepts

iv.     Jesus and His World

This meeting will begin at 3:00 p.m. on February 29. We will meet in Dr Dennis Campbell's new dental office at 430 McDowell Street, Asheville (2 blocks south of Little Pigs and across from Asheville High School).

For further information contact Connie Hayward, 828-693-1105 (h), 828-388-1575 (c),
Ron Lawson may be contacted at
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