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Asheville Forum Feb. 24: Rebecca Barceló – The Consequences of Sacred-Secular Divide

Greetings, Forum Community,

Our speaker this month is Rebecca Barceló. Rebecca works at The Conflict Center (TCC) in Denver, Colorado, instructing social-emotional classes and doing marketing and communications for the organization. She was drawn to TCC’s work based on her experience in communication, teaching, and theological peace studies. She is passionate about providing tools for better relationships, building community movements for the common good, and bridging cultural gaps. She has a B.A. in Communications, PR & Advertising from La Sierra University, and is completing her M.A. in Theological Studies from Andrews University online. A California native, she grew up in a Mexican-American family, and is a fluent Spanish speaker. Throughout her lifetime, she has lived in Puerto Rico, Michigan, and Massachusetts, but is very happy to call Denver home. She is also news editor for Adventist Today. 

Rebecca provided a detailed summary of what she will be addressing in her presentation to us, but not a title, so the assigned working title is: “The Practical Consequences of the Adventist Theological Distinction between ‘Sacred’ and ‘Secular.'”  

This wrote this concerning her presentation:

Adventist theology often separates the sacred from the secular, creating a theological division that has very practical consequences. The well-intentioned solemnity with which we endow the church premises serves to uphold a sense of reverence, but functionally removes our church buildings from being used for other purposes. This separation not only limits its influence, but has negative financial, spiritual, and communal effects. If God chose to be Emmanuel “God with us” and mix the sacred with the secular himself, could we instead make this the theology that trickles down to have practical benefits within our church? Could the church operate as a wellness center, a community center, or another multi-use campus without losing its original purpose?

Our meeting on February 24 will, as usual, be a Zoom meeting. It will begin at 3:00 pm Eastern time. Here is what you will need to log in:

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