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Asheville Adventist Forum Presents Lisa Clark Diller

The Asheville Adventist Forum presents:

"What are the Limits of Inclusion and Toleration? Exploring the History of Toleration from Locke to the Muslim Ban."  with Lisa Clark Diller, PhD. 

She explains that topic further: England developed the idea of tolerating diversity within citizens in the 17th century, and while they were not the first to do so, their version of liberalism is the one that we have inherited in the United States. Catholics were excluded from that toleration, and their work to be included as full-fledged citizens was a precursor to the civil rights work that would be done by black Americans, political dissenters and religious minorities in the United States. This talk is an introduction into the challenges with inclusion and the limits of liberalism, informed by a few perspectives inherited from the Adventist tradition.

Sabbath, December 15, 2018, at 2:30 p.m.

Lisa is an historian (PhD, University of Chicago) who teaches on the early modern world at Southern Adventist University.  She researches and writes on religious minorities and the development of modern liberal democracy. In addition to seventeenth century religion and politics, she enjoys service/activism in her urban neighborhood and ministry in the local church community she and her husband Tommy helped start in 2008.  Her academic credentials enable her to talk about history and politics, but her passion is learning how to be part of the kingdom of God, and she loves the friendships and adventures that come with discipleship.


The Asheville Adventist Forum meets in the Dental office of Dr. Dennis Campbell, near downtown Asheville.

172 Asheland Ave
Asheville, NC 28801

For further information, please contact Dr. Ron Lawson by phone at (828) 552-3072 or by email at

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