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Andrews Dialogue Sabbath School June 29: “Christian Apocalypticism and the Limits of Empathy”

The Andrews Dialogue Sabbath School meets this Saturday, June 29, in Nethery Hall room 200 and online via Zoom at 10:30 AM, Eastern. The presenter is Tom Wehtje. His title is: “Praise God, Another Witch! Christian Apocalypticism and the Limits of Empathy.”

Tom would like you to look at the attached sneak preview, which includes a prologue scene (not included in the Sabbath presentation), a quotation from a 17th century witch book, and then some possible questions for discussion.

Tom is a regular member of our class who has presented before, but this is the first time he is pulling material from the topic of his Ph.D. dissertation in English Literature which he completed at Stony Brook University (on Long Island) with the title: “Out of Darkness, Light: The Theological Implications of (Dis)Belief in Witchcraft in Early Modern English Literature and Thought.” He currently works at WAUS fm 90.7, Andrews University’s classical music radio station.


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