San Diego Forum: Laura Johnston Kohl

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Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 3:00pm

The San Diego Adventist Forum presents:

Summer 2019 Meeting with Laura Johnston Kohl

Topic: “Jonestown Survivor: An Insider's Look”

Forty-one years ago, 913 followers of cult-leader Jim Jones committed mass suicide at his direction. A fluke saved Laura Johnston Kohl from what was the largest single loss of American civilian life until 9-11. Laura will have copies of her book, Jonestown Survivor, An Insiders’ Look, available for purchase.

Special Note:

Auschwitz Holocaust survivor Rose Schindler, who spoke at our April meeting will also be present with copies of her just-published book, Two Who Survived: Max and Rose Schindler.


Date and Time:

September 14, 2019

3:00 p.m.



Paradise Village Retirement Community

Liberty Hall

2700 E 4th Street

National City, CA 91950


View this event on the San Diego Adventist Forum website here.

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