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The Ink of Pain

The ink of pain
patiently tattoos,
the permanent image
of the dreams worth our pursuit.

The ink of pain
deeply engraves,
the unforgettable imprint
of a path to be paved.

With heavy-handed might,
it writes the songs of our journey
and the story our fight!

It leaves an indelible mark  
of the healing light we may share
with others lost in the dark!

The ink of pain
a teacher and a friend,
if from the depth of brokenness
we rise, as we mend.

There is no method as true, 
nor means as precise;
for, written from the ink of pain is the purpose of life.

Image: “Amongst the Living” (2022) byMichael Armitage, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

About the author

Ezrica Bennett graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology from Oakwood University. She has worked as a book editor for the Loma Linda University School of Medicine and has written for the Adventist Review and the Southeastern California Conference. She is a writer, public speaker, and coach, passionate about working with young adults to help them navigate life and faith, and a youth elder at the Loma Linda University Church. More from Ezrica Bennett.
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