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Pelican Proverb



I watched a pelican fish today.

He waited, watched, dived

and searched, then stretched

his reptilian neck, gulped,

swallowed, several times

before swimming away, feet

pedalling steadily on, eyes alert.

He was satisfied, secure and safe.


Am I? Why should I ask

when faith is affirmative:

Ya, Si, Oui, Sim, Ja, Evet, Tak, YES!

Come what may, covered! Ripples

carry the redeemed, all pilgrims,

through dark depths or shallow

till the lights of Beulah gleam

at the celebratory supper of Heaven.


New Zealand born Mary Trim, who writes as Marye Trim, has a PhD in English Literature (Loughborough, UK, 1998) and studied journalism at the University of Queensland, Australia. She has authored five published books and hundreds of inspirational articles, stories and poems and was a newspaper columnist for nine years, while also working as missionary teacher in India and Thailand. She feels called to writing ministry and sees herself as akin to those “Out of Zebulon, they who handle the pen of the writer” (Judges 5:14).

Photo by Birger Strahl on Unsplash


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